10 beautiful spots decorated with beautiful illuminations around Yatsugatake in Yamanashi!

10 beautiful spots decorated with beautiful illuminations around Yatsugatake in Yamanashi!

Why don’t you visit winter dating spots decorated with illuminations.
Will share you some beautiful spots for dating around Yatsugatake!

If you’re not sure where to go, why don’t you go and see the illuminations?

I’m sure it will be a wonderful night.

I mapped the spot to introduce this time!
You can see the information of the spot by pressing the number.

10 carefully selected illumination spots around Yatsugatake!

I would like to show you the recommended illumination spots.

We also introduce the highlights of each, so please go out for reference by all means.

(1) Hoshino Resort Risonare Yatsugatake

Image source: Hoshino Resort Risonare Yatsugatake

One of the most representative illumination spots in the Yatsugatake area is Hoshino Resort Risonare Yatsugatake.

It is a large resort where you can enjoy cafes, hot spring facilities, and cellars specializing in local wines, so you can enjoy dating in addition to illumination.

During the illumination period, a gentle light shines on the main street.

There is also a complete accommodation, so it’s a good idea to visit.

Hoshino Resort is also introduced in this article, so please refer to it by all means!
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Name of the facility Hoshino Resort Risonare Yatsugatake
Address 408-0044 Obuchizawa, Hokuto, Yamanashi 129-1
Telephone number 0570-073-055
Official website Hoshino Resort Risonare Yatsugatake

(2) Heidi Village

Image source: Yamano Tourism Promotion Organization

The facility was built in the image of Heidi, a girl from the Alps.

It is known as a popular spot where you can enjoy Swiss-style buildings, seasonal flowers, and snow scenery all over the winter.

During the illumination period, as many as 800,000 lights decorate the park.

The collaboration between nature and illumination is a masterpiece.

Name of the facility Heidi Village
Address 408-0201 Asao, Ayono, Hokuto City, Yamanashi 2471
Telephone number 0551-25-4700
Official website Heidi Village

(3) Lisa and Gaspard Town

Image quote source: Lisa and Gaspard Town

Lisa and Gaspard Town made in Fuji-Q Highland are also popular illumination spots.

Not only do LEDs color the facilities in the park, but the flower beds are also surrounded by gentle light.

Image quote source: Lisa and Gaspard Town

It’s like a petal of light.

It is wrapped in a fantastic atmosphere.

Of course, Lisa and Gaspard also, so it’s an irresistible event for character fans.

Name of the facility Lisa and Gaspard Town (in Fuji-Q Highland)
Address 403-0017 Shin-Nishihara 5-chome 6-1, Fujiyoshida City, Yamanashi Prefecture
Telephone number 0555-23-2111
Official website Lisa and Gaspard Town

(4) FANTASTICUM (Hana no Miyako Park)

Image source: Yamanakako tourist information

In the Flower Capital Park in Lake Yamanaka, illumination is developed using the vast site of the lakeside.

Its name is FANTASTICUM.

Because it is the knee of Mt. Fuji, illumination with the image of Mt. Fuji is characteristic.

In addition, during the illumination season, you can also enjoy Diamond Fuji, where sunshine sets toward the summit of Mt. Fuji.

Illumination from the magnificent view of nature.

It is a big event that can not be tasted anywhere else.

Name of the facility Fantasticum (Hana no Miyako Park)
Address 401-0501 YamanakakoMurayama, Minamitsuru District, Yamanashi 1650
Telephone number 0555-62-5587
Official website Without

(5) Fantasia Kofu (around the south exit of Kofu Station rotary)

Image source: Kofu City Tourism Association

The rotary in front of Kofu Station is also decorated with illuminations during the winter season.

Because it is a lively spot in front of the station, It is a feature of Fantasia Kofu that it is crowded with many people every day.

It is also recommended to enjoy shopping around the station and go to visit the illumination.

Name of the facility Fantasia Kofu (around the south exit of Kofu Station, rotary area)
Address 400-0031 Marunouchi 1-chome 1-8, Kofu City, Yamanashi Prefecture
Telephone number Without
Official website Without

(6) Herb Garden

Image quoted from: Herb Garden

The herb garden where you can enjoy seasonal flowers and herbs is also a recommended illumination spot.

The illumination of the herb garden is characterized by firmly calculating the relationship between the building and the light.

You can make good use of the walls of buildings and color plants as shown in the photo.

Illumination with such a three-dimensional feeling is a feature of the herb garden.

If you walk in a light like this, your feelings will be exciting.

The herb garden also sells cosmetics using herbs from the park.

Image Quote Source: Herb Garden Official Facebook
One of the charms is that you can enjoy not only illumination sightings but also.

Name of the facility Herb Gardens
Address 409-1315 Katsunuma Town, Koshu City, Yamanashi 1736
Telephone number 0553-44-3715
Official website Herb Gardens

(7) Illumination of Ryuo Station Forest

Image source: porta
The area around Ryuo Station, which functions as a gateway to nearby tourist spots, is also quickly turned into an illumination spot in winter.

It is characterized by objects inspired by Mt. Fuji and Shosenkyo, which are representative tourist spots in the neighborhood.

Illuminations are held at the north exit and south exit across Ryuo Station, so please take it easy and visit both.

Name of the facility Illumination of Ryuo Station Forest (Illumination of Ryuo Station Forest)
Address 400-0111 Ryuo Shinmachi, Kai City
Telephone number 055-278-1708 (Kai City Commerce, Industry and Tourism Division)
Official website Without

(8) Ishiwa Onsen Ryokan Town Illumination

Image source: PORTA

Speaking of Ishiwa Onsen, it is close to Tokyo, and it is a popular place to enjoy nature, hot springs, and even delicious gourmet food.

Such Ishiwa Onsen quickly turns into an illumination spot in winter.

Sakura Onsen Street, the central street of the hot spring town, is enveloped in a sparkly light.

Because it is a hot spring inn town, it is recommended to stay one night and enjoy the gourmet of the neighborhood in both illumination and the hot spring.

Name of the facility Ishiwa Onsen Ryokan Town Illumination (Sakura Onsen Street)
Address 406 – 0031 Ishiwa, Fuefuki, Yamanashi
Telephone number Without
Official website Without

(9) Illumination in Nirasaki (Nirasaki Station Square)

Image source: Hachi travel
Amagasaki Station is a key transportation point in Yamanashi Prefecture.

In the winter of the square in front of the station, it is wrapped in idyllic lights.

The electric lights that decorate the square around Nira, the official character of Amagasaki City, warm your heart slightly.
Image source: (one company) Amagasaki City Tourism Association

The illumination which is not too glare is wonderful, too.

Name of the facility Illumination in Nirasaki (Amagasaki Station Square)
Address 407-0015 Wakamiya, Amagasaki, Yamanashi 1-1-1
Telephone number 0551-22-1991 (Tourism, Industrial Tourism Division, Amagasaki City)
Official website Illumination in Nirasaki

(10) Nishijima Illumination

Image source: Yamano Tourism Promotion Organization

“Nishijima Illumination” around Nishijima, Minobu Town, enjoys illumination throughout the city.

It is a neighboring resident to the last that is the main subject.

It started with one house and spread to the surrounding area.

There are not so many people in Japan who can enjoy such handmade illuminations.

Please try to experience it once by all means.

Name of the facility Nishijima Illumination
Address 409-3301 Nishijima, Minobu-cho, Minami-Goma-gun, Yamanashi 1528
Telephone number Without
Official website Without


How was the illumination information around Yatsugatake?

Various events are held, from large-scale amusement parks to home-held ones throughout the city.

If there is an event to be worried about, please visit by all means.