Introducing spots where you can see the stars on Yatsugatake in Japan !With your family, friends and lovers!

Introducing spots where you can see the stars on Yatsugatake in Japan !With your family, friends and lovers!

When have you seen the beautiful starry sky recently?

I think that some people live in places where the stars are not very visible due to the light of buildings and houses.

We would like to introduce the spots where you can see the stars near Yatsugatake in hopes that such people can see the beautiful starry sky.

To see the stars clearly, you need a vast site there is no city lights like street lumps etc.
There are many such places in Yatsugatake in Japan, and it is the best environment to see the starry sky.

Yatsugatake is also an area selected as one of Japan’s top 3 starry sky sights.
You can enjoy the rich greenery during the daytime in the summer and the starry sky at night.
Winter is the clearest season of the year.It is the best location where you can see the fantastic starry sky in the beautiful snow scene.

Why don’t you go to Yatsugatake to see the beautiful starry sky?

The night of Yatsugatake is cool even in the summer, so be sure to take measures against the cold!

[Spots introduced in this article]
I have mapped the spots introduced in this article!

① Yatsugatake Kogen Lodge

Image source: Rakuten Travel

Yatsugatake Kogen Lodge is a very popular accommodation in Minamimaki Village.
The facility, which is located in the great outdoors, is well received by users, including the interior and surrounding environment.

The view from the window is a place where you can enjoy the changing seasons and make you want to visit again and again.

You can see the starry sky in the large square about 3 minutes walk from the hotel.
Surrounded by nature at an altitude of 1570 meters, it is an ideal environment for viewing the beautiful starry sky.
On a clear summer night, the great summer triangle will look beautiful.

Image source: Yatsugatake Sky Expo

Even if you are interested in the starry sky, but you are not very familiar with stars, you can rest assured.
Yatsugatake Kogen Lodge offers starlit sky observation activities and tour plans that include starlit sky observation from spring to summer.
Even if you are not very familiar with the stars, you can enjoy the starry sky without any worries because you can explain while watching the starry sky.

Yatsugatake Kogen Lodge is also famous for the Yatsugatake Kogen Ongakudo.
Yatsugatake Kogen Ongakudo holds various concerts on weekends and public holidays.

Image source: Trip Advisor

In the winter, listening to a wonderful Christmas concert and taking a walk in the snowy scenery while gazing at the starry sky is also great.

You will enjoy wonderful music, beautiful scenery, and starry sky at night.
Isn’t it a very nice holiday?

Why not spend a luxurious holiday at Yatsugatake Kogen Lodge?

Parking Lot
Street address 〒384-1302 Minamimaki
Village, Minami
saku Distri
ct, Nagano Prefecture
HP Click here for the website of Yatsugatake Kogen Lodge

② Yatsugatake Grace Hotel

Image source: Jalan NET

The Yatsugatake Grace Hotel is located in the Nobeyama Plateau on the border of Yamanashi and Nagano prefectures.
The hotel is located in nature, where you can forget the hustle and bustle of the city and relax.

Located at an altitude of 1400 meters, you can enjoy the clear air and the starry sky on a clear day.

One of the highlights of the Yatsugatake Grace Hotel is the “Starry Sky Observation Party.”
Yatsugatake Kogen Lodge holds a starry sky observation as an event,
At Yatsugatake Grace Hotel, we hold a starry sky observation meeting every night for free.

In the full starry sky, you can observe the beautiful Milky Way, such as the Milky Way in summer, the Orion constellation in winter, and the great triangle in each season.
The hotel staff who will guide you through the starry sky observation party will guide you through the starry sky of the day.
It is nice and nice for beginners to explain the stars.

It’s difficult to lie down on the hotel’s exclusive grounds and watch the 360-degree natural starry sky.

If you can’t see the starry sky due to rain or cloudy weather, you can enjoy the planetarium indoors.
Image source: Grace Hotel Blog

Also, Yatsugatake Grace Hotel has “Japanese-style room” and “Western-style room”, but there are other special rooms.
A special Japanese-style room with an astronomical telescope is available.
It’s very luxurious to be able to observe the starry sky with an astronomical telescope from your room.

Image source: Yatsugatake Grace Hotel

In the special Japanese-style room with an astronomical telescope, there are books on stars, so you can spend time talking with your family, friends, and lovers about the stars and the universe.

For couples who like stars and space, there is no more luxurious room.

Of course, at Yatsugatake Grace Hotel, you can not only observe the starry sky but also observe wild birds and experience harvesting during the day,
For dinner, you can enjoy delicious dishes made with local ingredients.

If you want to fully enjoy nature, food, and starry skies, why not stay at Yatsugatake Grace Hotel?

Parking Lot
Street address 217-1 Nobeyama, Minamimaki
Village, Minamisaku
District, Nag
ano Prefecture, 384-1305
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➂ Nobeyama Plateau/National Observatory

Nobeyama Plateau/National Observatory
Image source: NAOJ/Nobeyama

The National Astronomical Observatory of Japan is located in the Nobeyama Plateau, although it is a little out of sight to take a leisurely view of the starry sky.
The National Observatory conducts world-class observations of the universe centering on the 45m radio telescope.

Yatsugatake is a cold region, but it is famous for having less snow than other cold regions.
Chosen as the best place to observe space radio waves, the National Observatory was established shortly after the war.

Image source: NAOJ/Nobeyama

A variety of specialized radio telescopes such as millimeter wave interferometers and solar radio intensity polarimeters are lined up, making it a space that irresistible for space lovers.
Except for the year-end and New Year holidays, it’s nice to be able to visit anytime.

In addition, the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan has a special exhibition once a year.
In this special release, you can enjoy learning about the results of radio astronomy research and the work of the observatory.
This is an opportunity only once a year for lectures by famous people, so please check it out.

At the NAOJ Nobeyama, we not only observe the facilities and listen to lectures, but also hold various events.
All the staff members are doing research, so there are really few events.

Image source: Minamimaki Village Tourism Association

It seems that the event of the starry sky photography event was held in 2019.

Various events including rare events are rare events.
If the time is right, it would be a great time to attend an event and get a feel for space research.

This place is recommended for those who love space and who are interested in research.
It’s wonderful just to imagine that you hear the universe in the daytime and look at the starry sky at night.
If you come to Yatsugatake, why not stop by?

Parking Lot
Street address 〒382-1305 462-2 Nobeyama,
Minamimaki Village,
Minamisaku Dis
trict, Nagano Prefecture
HP Click here for the website of Nobeyama National Astronomical Observatory

④ Yatsugatake Fureai Park

Image source: photopromanade
Yatsugatake Fureai Park is a park located in Minamimaki Village and is so famous that it was featured on TV as a shooting spot for the starry sky.
The running course in Fureai Park has a beautiful view, so many people are running here during the daytime.

There are almost no streetlights in the park, so it may be difficult to get used to your eyes.
However, you can see the really beautiful starry sky in front of you.
The Milky Way is clearly visible to the naked eye.

There is also a large pond in the park where you can see the beautiful starry sky reflected in the pond.
You can see not only the starry sky over the sky but also the footsteps.

You can feel the starry sky with your whole body, which you cannot find anywhere else.

Some people go to Yatsugatake just to see the starry sky at Yatsugatake Fureai Park and then to see it.

Image source: Glucomi
You can really enjoy the best location, so please come to Yatsugatake Fureai Park to see the starry sky.
It is a really recommended place.

I hope everyone can see the best starry sky.

Parking Lot
Street address 〒384-1304 Minamimaki-mur
a, Minamisaku-gun, Nagano Oita Itabashi
HP Shinshu and Minami Miki Village Tourism

⑤ Kiyosato Bimori Observatory and parking lot

Kiyosato Bimori
Image source: Fujinoyama Yamanashi

Kiyosato Minomori is a place with abundant nature at an altitude of 1500 meters, which is about a 5-minute walk from Kiyosato Station.
You can enjoy azaleas in spring, fresh greenery in summer, autumn leaves in autumn, and snow scenes in winter.

Image source: Loconavi

The parking lot in Bimori is a starry sky viewing spot that everyone knows.
Throughout the year, you can enjoy the full starry sky at night. On a cloudless day, you can see the full starry sky.

The parking lot also has a bathroom, which makes it an ideal environment for stargazing.
However, since the altitude is high, it can get cold in the spring and summer at night, so be careful.

Why don’t you look at the sky full of stars with your family, friends and lovers in the clear air?

Parking Lot
Street address 8240-1, Nishiide, Oizumi
Town, Hokuto City, Yamanashi Prefecture, 409-1501
HP Hokuto City Official Site


What did you think.
There are various starry sky observation spots on Yatsugatake.
As expected, there is only one land that has been selected as one of Japan’s top 3 starry sky attractions.

As a cold region, Yatsugatake, which has less snow and less water vapor in the air, is perfect for enjoying a starry sky.

This is a place that people who usually live in the city should visit the starry sky at least once.
You can definitely enjoy the emotions that you cannot enjoy in everyday life.

Why not burn the beautiful starry sky to your eyes and share the memories you will never forget?