11 peaceful shrines around Yatsugatake in Japan !

Why don’t you visit the shrine in Yatsugatake in Japan once in a while? There are many famous shrines around Yatsugatake, and it softens the hearts of many people.Some of them are famous as sacred places for games and anime. Please visit the shrine of Yatsugatake by all means referring to this article. Introducing 11 carefully selected shrines around Yatsugatake! Now, I would like to introduce the 11 shrine selections around Yatsugatake. From shrines that are so famous that they are super famous, to shrines with a minor and rustic atmosphere, they are all wonderful shrines. (1) Misoki Shrine Image source: Misoki Shrine One of the most famous shrines around Yatsugatake is Misogijija Shrine. To be “beautiful” with Namisoki.The waterfall line is one of misogi, but at this shrine in the beautiful precincts, it is an atmosphere that seems to clean the mind just by spending time there. Because it is a fairly large shrine, it is recommended to take a leisurely walk.Please clean your body and mind. Address 408-0041 Kamisasao 3401, Obuchizawa Town, Hokuto City, Yamanashi Prefecture Telephone number 0551-36-3000 Official website Misoki Shrine (2) Takeda Hachimangu Shrine Image source: Takeda Hachimangu Shrine Because it is a shrine related […]

10 beautiful spots decorated with beautiful illuminations around Yatsugatake in Yamanashi!

Why don’t you visit winter dating spots decorated with illuminations. Will share you some beautiful spots for dating around Yatsugatake! If you’re not sure where to go, why don’t you go and see the illuminations? I’m sure it will be a wonderful night. I mapped the spot to introduce this time! You can see the information of the spot by pressing the number. 10 carefully selected illumination spots around Yatsugatake! I would like to show you the recommended illumination spots. We also introduce the highlights of each, so please go out for reference by all means. (1) Hoshino Resort Risonare Yatsugatake Image source: Hoshino Resort Risonare Yatsugatake One of the most representative illumination spots in the Yatsugatake area is Hoshino Resort Risonare Yatsugatake. It is a large resort where you can enjoy cafes, hot spring facilities, and cellars specializing in local wines, so you can enjoy dating in addition to illumination. During the illumination period, a gentle light shines on the main street. There is also a complete accommodation, so it’s a good idea to visit. Hoshino Resort is also introduced in this article, so please refer to it by all means! [Yatsugatake] 9 spots to go absolutely in the […]

Introducing spots where you can see the stars on Yatsugatake in Japan !With your family, friends and lovers!

When have you seen the beautiful starry sky recently? I think that some people live in places where the stars are not very visible due to the light of buildings and houses. We would like to introduce the spots where you can see the stars near Yatsugatake in hopes that such people can see the beautiful starry sky. To see the stars clearly, you need a vast site there is no city lights like street lumps etc. There are many such places in Yatsugatake in Japan, and it is the best environment to see the starry sky. Yatsugatake is also an area selected as one of Japan’s top 3 starry sky sights. You can enjoy the rich greenery during the daytime in the summer and the starry sky at night. Winter is the clearest season of the year.It is the best location where you can see the fantastic starry sky in the beautiful snow scene. Why don’t you go to Yatsugatake to see the beautiful starry sky? The night of Yatsugatake is cool even in the summer, so be sure to take measures against the cold! [Spots introduced in this article] I have mapped the spots introduced in this article! […]

9 sightseeing spots you should visit during summer vacation on Yatsugatake in Japan | Recommended campsites, leisure facilities, rivers and waterfalls

“I want to find good place to visit in summer vacation.” “I want to find where to go to enjoy Yatsugatake in Japan.” If you have such an idea, here are some beautiful spots to visit during the summer vacation of Yatsugatake. Yatsugatake is a mountainous region that represents Japan, such as Akadake, Gongendake, Amidadake, and Tengudake are linked. Yatsugatake is full of highlights, such as climbing mountains during the holidays and season, and many tourists visiting the leisure facilities. And this time, I would like to introduce the tourist spots I would like to recommend during summer vacation.We carefully selected the places we would like to recommend to families and couples. Please take a look at the end. [Spots introduced in this article] I have mapped the spots introduced in this article! 1. Makiba Park 2. Toryu Falls 3. Flower Center Heidi Village 4. Yatsugatake Resort Outlet 5. Flower Park Fiore Kobuchizawa 6. Moegi Village 7. Kiyosato Chuo Auto Campground 8. Minami Yatsugatake Flower Park 9. Sun Meadows Kiyosato ① Makiba Park Image source: Makiba Park Official Homepage Makiba Park is a park where a part of Yatsugatake Farm is released, and you can play with animals in the […]

Nice stock farms in Yatsugatake Japan! Why don’t you spend your weekend in huge and open stock farm.

Since Yatsugatake is rich in nature, there are many beautiful stock farms. There are many farms where you can interact with small animals, so even small children can enjoy it. There are also farms where you can experience horse riding and farms where you can practice horse riding and horse riding lessons, and you can enjoy many activities. If you would like to know more about the experience activities around Yatsugatake, please see this article. 6 recommended activities around Yatsugatake!Let’s play with family, friends and lovers! There are restaurants and so on, and there are many places where you can enjoy it with your family. Now I will introduce the Yatsugatake ranch feature. [The farm introduced in this article] I have mapped the farm introduced in this article! Yamanashi Prefectural Yatsugatake Farm (Makiba Park) Yatsugatake Farm Fureai Farm Yatsugatake Alpaca Ranch Laramie Ranch (Yatsugatake Riding Event) Takizawa Ranch Kosuda Farm Seisen Dormitory Jersey Ranch Tateshina Farm Nagato Ranch 1. Yamanashi Prefectural Yatsugatake Farm (Makiba Park) Image source: Yatsugatake Farm Yatsugatake Ranch is a highland ranch located between 1100m and 1700m above sea level. The ranch, which has been released since 1914, is grazing and breeding Japanese black cattle and dairy […]