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11 peaceful shrines around Yatsugatake in Japan !

Why don’t you visit the shrine in Yatsugatake in Japan once in a while? There are many famous shrines around Yatsugatake, and it softens the hearts of many people.Some of them are famous as sacred places for games and anime. Please visit the shrine of Yatsugatake by all means referring to this article. Introducing 11 carefully selected shrines around Yatsugatake! Now, I would like to introduce the 11 shrine selections around Yatsugatake. From shrines that are so famous that they are super famous, to shrines with a minor and rustic atmosphere, they are all wonderful shrines. (1) Misoki Shrine Image source: Misoki Shrine One of the most famous shrines around Yatsugatake is Misogijija Shrine. To be “beautiful” with Namisoki.The waterfall line is one of misogi, but at this shrine in the beautiful precincts, it is an atmosphere that seems to clean the mind just by spending time there. Because it is a fairly large shrine, it is recommended to take a leisurely walk.Please clean your body and mind. Address 408-0041 Kamisasao 3401, Obuchizawa Town, Hokuto City, Yamanashi Prefecture Telephone number 0551-36-3000 Official website Misoki Shrine (2) Takeda Hachimangu Shrine Image source: Takeda Hachimangu Shrine Because it is a shrine related […]