11 peaceful shrines around Yatsugatake in Japan !

11 peaceful shrines around Yatsugatake in Japan !

Why don’t you visit the shrine in Yatsugatake in Japan once in a while?

There are many famous shrines around Yatsugatake, and it softens the hearts of many people.Some of them are famous as sacred places for games and anime.

Please visit the shrine of Yatsugatake by all means referring to this article.

Introducing 11 carefully selected shrines around Yatsugatake!

Now, I would like to introduce the 11 shrine selections around Yatsugatake.

From shrines that are so famous that they are super famous, to shrines with a minor and rustic atmosphere, they are all wonderful shrines.

(1) Misoki Shrine

Image source: Misoki Shrine

One of the most famous shrines around Yatsugatake is Misogijija Shrine.

To be “beautiful” with Namisoki.The waterfall line is one of misogi, but at this shrine in the beautiful precincts, it is an atmosphere that seems to clean the mind just by spending time there.

Because it is a fairly large shrine, it is recommended to take a leisurely walk.Please clean your body and mind.

Address 408-0041 Kamisasao 3401,
Obuchizawa Town, Hokuto City, Yamanashi Prefecture
Telephone number 0551-36-3000
Official website Misoki Shrine

(2) Takeda Hachimangu Shrine

Image source: Takeda Hachimangu Shrine

Because it is a shrine related to Takeda Shingen and Tokugawa Ieyasu, Takeda Hachimangu Shrine is also popular among history lovers.

And it is the atmosphere of the main shrine that makes you feel the history.

The appearance standing in the forest as it is the atmosphere of the time cannot be tasted elsewhere.

It is designated as an important cultural property of the country.

Address  407-0042 Kitamiyaji, Ka
miyama Town, Amagasaki City, Yamanashi 1185
Telephone number Private
Official website Takeda Hachimangu Shrine

(3) Suwa Taisha Kamisha Hongu

Image source: Suwa Taisha Kamisha Hongu

Suwa Taisha has four precincts around Lake Suwa.

Each of them has a special atmosphere, but if you want to visit first, Kamisha Honmiya is recommended.

It is the only of the four companies that have a main shrine.

First of all, let’s pay a visit there, and cleanse the body and the mind.

Address 392-0015 NakasuMiyayama
1, Suwa City, Nagano Prefecture
Telephone number 0266-52-1919
Official website Suwa Taisha Kamisha Hongu

(4) Suwa Taisha Shimosha Akimiya

Image source: Suwa Taisha Shimosha Akimiya

Also, Suwa Taisha introduces Shimosha Akimiya this time.

The highlight of the head office is, after all, a huge rope.

It is said to be the largest in Japan, and it is just overwhelming.

A big Komainu who watches over it also raises the atmosphere.

Address 393-0052 Shimosuwa, Suwa District, Nagano 5828
Telephone number Private
Official website Suwa Taisha Shimosha Akimiya

(5) Takeda Shrine

Image source: Takeda Shrine

Takeda Shrine is dedicated to Takeda Shingen.

As a history lover, that’s the only reason to visit.

In addition, there are many exhibits such as armor and swords derived from the Takeda family that please history lovers.

Image source: Hotokami

Let’s also get the goshu seal tag with the picture of Takeda Shingen drawn by all means.

Address 400-0014 Furufun
aka, Kofu, Yamanashi 2611
Telephone number 055-252-2609
Official website Takeda Shrine

(6) Myogi Shrine

Image source: Myogi Shrine

It is a strange shrine that has many attractions.

The first thing that amazes me is the total gate of the red-painted gate.

The height of 12 m seems to boast the largest size in Kanto.

After going through the approach to the main hall, you will be fascinated by the many decorations.

It is also convincing that it is designated as an important cultural property of the country.

If you visit the neighborhood, please visit us.

Address 379-0201 Myogi,
Myogi, Tomioka, Gunma 6
Telephone number 0274-73-2119
Official website Myogi Shrine

(7) 穗 Taka Shrine

Image source: 穗 Taka Shrine

In addition to the beauty of the main shrine, the beauty of the pond in the precincts is also overwhelming穗 Taka Shrine.

The photo is a fantastic atmosphere in the morning, but it shows a different expression in the morning, noon, and evening, so it will delight your eyes whenever you visit.

The contrast with the surrounding nature is also impressive.

Address 399-8303 Hotaka
, Azumino, Nagano 6079
Telephone number 0263-82-2003
Official website 穗 Taka Shrine

(8) Kinzakura Shrine

Image source: Kinzakura Shrine

Shosenkyo is known as a scenic spot.

At the back is this Kinzakura Shrine.

Shosenkyo is also very popular as a drive spot, so we recommend that you enjoy it as a set.

It is a moment to relax in the room of driving.

Address 400-1218 Mitake
, Kofu, Yamanashi 2347
Telephone number 055-287-2011
Official website Kinzakura Shrine

(9) Ikushima Ashijima Shrine

Image source: Ikushima Ashijima Shrine

What do you read?It is likely to hear the voice, but the reading of Ikushima Ashijima Shrine is “Ikurushi Majinja”.

Image source: Ikushima Ashijima Shrine

It is a structure that seems to wash the mind only by it of crossing the bridge of the red-painted over the pond and going to the main shrine.

The contrast between the surrounding green, the blue of the pond, and the red paint is a masterpiece.

Address 386-1211 Shimonosato Naka
ike Nishi 701, Ueda City, Nagano Prefecture
Telephone number 0268(38)2755
Official website Ikushima-Ashijima Shrine

(10) Shinkai Sansha Shrine

Image source: Shinkai Sansha Shrine

The whole mountain is a shrine, and it is shinkai sansha shrine here that boasts an overwhelming size.

Untouched nature is left, and one of the highlights is the approach overwhelmed by the huge trees.

Image source: Shinkai Sansha Shrine

And when you arrive at the main shrine, the appearance that makes you feel the history will heal your heart.

It is recommended to visit with plenty of time because it takes a reasonable amount of time and physical strength to go all over the precincts.

Address 384-0412 Miyashiro
Taguchi, Saku City, Nagano 2394
Telephone number 0267-82-9651
Official website Shinkai Sansha Shrine

(11) Leakya Shrine

Image source: Leakya Shrine

The shrine with a simple atmosphere loved by locals is this Moya Shrine.

It enshrines ancient gods.

It is not flashy, but that’s why it’s a shrine where the mind is washed.

It is also known as a shrine associated with the characters of popular games, and many people come to visit the Pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

Address 394-0045 Kawagishi
East, Okaya City, Nagano 1-12
Telephone number Private
Official website Leakya Shrine


I have introduced a shrine in the area around Yatsugatake, but did you find a place to be worried about?

You can enjoy a quiet atmosphere in every shrine surrounded by silence.

Please visit during a relaxing time while driving.

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